1.) Enabled the fifth generation owners of a telecommunications company and agribusiness to establish a Family Council in co-ordination with the addition to the board of new independent directors. Results include: a more knowledgeable and unified owners group and greater support from both the directors and the family for a new company strategic plan.

2.) Enabled a third generation financial family to establish a coordinated system of governance for their family office, investment company and foundations. Facilitated the design and launch of a Family Council, to advise and inform the trustees and boards of their various entities. Results include greater unity and enthusiasm among the young adults, and better coordination between the family and its business directors, officers and trustees.

3.) Enabled the board and family owners of a multi-national agribusiness to coordinate efforts in crafting a series of policies on matters including family member employment, dividend policy, new venture investment protocol, and an emergency leader transition plan. Results include improved coordination between family and board, greater consensus among family branches about long-term investment goals, and greater alignment between their generations.

4.) Assisted the seven family branches who own a national distribution company to organize a representative Family Council to work in coordination with the board Governance Committee. Results: enabled family to build consensus and speak “with one voice” to their company board on matters of capital strategy, growth, risk and dividend policy. Established a sustained program for family owner education and preparation of responsible next generation shareholders.

5.) Assisted third generation owners of a publishing and media company to establish a Next Generation development program called: “Preparing Successful Heirs.” Results include strong interest and engagement of teens and young adults in learning about responsibilities as shareholders and trust beneficiaries. Older adults developed skills in leading interactive family meetings. The family is able to better utilize services of their asset managers and trust advisors.


What clients tell us:

His teaching stories from experience with other business families were extremely helpful. Provided our group with clarity about our goals and roles as directors and shareholders.”